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Succulent and Cactus Themed Gift Kit

Succulent and Cactus Themed Gift Kit

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    Succulent and Cactus Plant Lovers Gift Box

    Planning to gift your succulent and cactus plants lover friend, lovers, or partners? Looking for a plant-based home and fridge décor?

    Well, this succulent and cactus plant-themed gift pack will be excellent for you.

    Show appreciation of beauty and divergence in decoration with this succulent and cactus gift pack. Lovers of succulent and cactus plants have been abandoned for the longest time possible but they called and we responded. This hearting gift box is designed exclusively for succulent and cactus plant lovers and for you who would like to gift your friend

    Eye-Catching Gift Pack

    Decorate your kitchen, home, or workspace with these succulent and cactus plants themed accessories. Anyone who appreciates plant beauty will fall in love with this gift pack. A unique and lovely theme that suits your home and complements your existing décor.

    Vibrant, Cute, and Simple Look

    Smooth touch, environmental protection, does not harm people. These succulent and cactus themed gift pack will be superb for your home or office. Cute elephants themed pot stands out and will be stunning home accent décor.

    High Quality

    Serving is in our hearts. These succulent and cactus plants gift boxes are made of top-quality material to guarantee you long-lasting use. The pot has a classical look for a delightful play of light and a natural splash of fun.

    Versatile gift

    Ideal gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Women's Day, Father’s day, and much more. A more appealing gift to your loved ones to build memories.

    Package includes;

    • 1 colorful pot in the shape of an elephant
    • 8 pcs different types fridge magnets
    • 6 succulent and cactus-shaped candles
    • 4 pcs pins
    • 1 notebook for daily notes

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