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EcoGrass Basil Growing Kit
EcoGrass Basil Growing Kit
EcoGrass Basil Growing Kit
EcoGrass Basil Growing Kit
EcoGrass Basil Growing Kit

EcoGrass Basil Growing Kit


    Looking to grow fresh basil herb for your meals and not sure of where to start? 

    Well, this Basil garden starter kit is exactly what you need. 

    No matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned grower, this growing starter kit comes with everything you need to grow natural and delicious tasting basil.

    • 3x Biodegradable Pots, durable and robust, made out of grass and other natural materials
    • 6x coconut coir disks for water retention and absorption
    • Organic, outstanding, compact Genovese basil seeds, carefully selected to ensure a high germination rate. 

    NO ADDITIONAL GARDENING TOOL IS REQUIRED! The detailed guide guides you every step of the way! 

    Famous for its strong flavor and sweet-tasting leaves, this beginner-friendly basil gardening kit ensures you have fresh basil herbs right in your kitchen for creating delicious and healthier sauces, salad, pasta, and more.  

    Bring Life to Your Kitchen and The Environment

    Made with you and the planet in mind, this indoor planting kit is assembled with organic non-GMO seeds, biodegradable pots made of natural materials, and sustainably produced compressed soil pellets. All-natural, non-toxic, and sustainable with zero chemicals. A must-have for any eco-conscious gardener. 

    More Reasons Why This Herbs Garden Kit Is the Best Buy

    • Perfect gift family, friends, and grower in your life
    • Can also be used to plant other popular herbs such as mint, parsley, thyme, and rosemary.
    • Offers opportunity to witness your favorite herb grow from your own kitchen
    • Takes little space
    • Includes extra seeds so that you can try again if you don’t get success instantly

    Nothing Beats Meals Prepared with Herbs You Grown by Yourself

    Sow & See Your Basil Herbs Grow!